Interesting Sales Last Week

Last week there were 21 condo and town home sales according to Redfin. Here’s a look at some of them:

Two units sold last week at 1111 E Pike. We’ve blogged about the crazy antics they’ve been using to sell these, including special financing for teachers and students, and bulk sales. Anyone know if these buyers took advantage of the deals?

This sixth-floor one-bedroom unit at 5th & Madison sold this week. Sixth floor doesn’t seem very high. I wonder whether I’d have to go to the library or the Bank of California building to look in their windows…

The highest price per square foot last week was $718 for a 30th-floor one-bedroom unit at Olive 8. That’s still a downright steal compared to the giantfreaking7milliondollarpenthouse nine floors above it.

Picked up the posse on 23rd and Jackson. Headin for the strip yes were lookin for some action. Nothing too remarkable about this sale, I just take an excuse to quote Sir Mix-A-Lot whenever possible. Even though he went to Roosevelt and I went to Garfield. It’s not his fault his parents put him in a pansy school.

Another one-bedroom unit sold in the same Ballard building that we found out in last week’s comments got nine(!) offers. What are they putting in the water over there?

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  • boy1der1983

    Funny, This doesn't reflect my purchase of unit 139 at the Brix (closed last Wednesday the 17th). However, it wasn't listed on Redfin to begin with, so maybe that is the problem?

  • Congrats on your purchase! However, if it wasn't on the MLS then we won't see a sale record for it for quite some time as Redfin takes much longer to receive sale records from the county as compared to receiving sale records from the MLS.

    Though, we're always curious to hear about how someone's purchase went so feel free to email us or leave a comment with your story.

  • SovietBot

    I closed on another unit at 1111. I certainly don't see how a teacher or a student (without a trust fund) could afford to live there, the figures quoted in that post reflect just ONE of the units in the project and don't include HOA dues. I also did not participate in any bulk buying scheme.

  • xf

    The buyer at 5th and Madison must be feeling pretty burned this week with the auction announcement.