Banner Building Penthouse

I have a weak spot for the Banner Building… Here is unit #403, 2,000 square feet for $1.259m. I’m in love:

46677 1 Banner Building Penthouse

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  • WesternAve

    Here's the 'weak' part I discovered after seeing this unit.

    #1 It's not a penthouse. It's on the 4th floor of 7 floors. It's a middle floor at best, not an 'upper floor' as claimed in the listing.

    #2 It's not 2000 sq ft as listed – it's only 1657.

    #3 This would be the most expensive per square foot ever sold in the Banner Building, even at the new reduced price, despite the fact we are in a huge slump.

    I think the market price is $800k max given the Banner Building is coming up on 20 years old and has limited amenities compared to new condo's.