Great Looking Live/Work Loft at the Klee

Another 1,066 square foot live/work loft at the Klee hit the market this morning, #105 at $439,950. It joins #108 a 971 square foot unit priced at $410,000.

However, #105 is better priced at $413/square foot as compared to #108’s $422/square foot. (#108 has been on the market for two months now.)

Here’s a few photos from #105. I love the interiors, the floorplan is better than other units at the Klee which are long and narrow, and unlike some of the other live/work units at the Klee, it has a balcony:

Disclaimer: Redfin (for whom I work for) is the listing agent.

Graph of appraisals

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  • EconE

    Just curious here. What exactly denotes a “live/work” condo. I tried googling it but really could only come up with “home office” type explanations. Can't one run a business out of their home and use a bedroom as a home office? Are there limits to what the business can be?

  • michel77

    Klee unit link redirects to an off-market property.. Believe this is the correct one:

  • michel77

    I'm not exactly sure of the definition, although I live in a live/work unit. My condo declaration has come up with elaborate rules for what I can or can't do. I could start a salon, gallery, office etc. but no food market, auto shop or meth lab (although I'm sure business would be booming on my corner), so picky…

  • ppsea

    Wow, nice loft indeed. I have a friend who lives in the Klee and apparently the lofts downstairs are commercial spoace conversions so not 100% residential zoned and they actually have 2 addresses/mailboxes… interesting.

  • EconE

    So nothing that any 3 letter agency would be interested in? FDA, EPA, FBI, DEA

  • USB 3G

    Oh thanks, i appriciate that!