Interesting Sales Last Week

There were 49 condo and townhouse sales last week according to Redfin. Here are a few of them:

49692 0 Interesting Sales Last Week
A twenty-seventh-floor three-bedroom 2.5-bath unit at Escala sold this week for an astonishing 1.925 million dollars. That’s $788 per square foot.

29133677 0 Interesting Sales Last Week
Not to be outdone in overpriced luxury, 200 West Highland sold a top-floor two-bedroom unit for $913 per square foot, and a second-floor two-bedroom unit for $605 per square foot.

35408 0 Interesting Sales Last Week
This one-bedroom unit at Bellora in Belltown sold for $412,500 last week. Nice translucent cabinets!

29130094 7 4 Interesting Sales Last Week
I like the kitchen on this two-bedroom corner unit on Boylston and Roy! It sold last week for $862,000.

29168670 4 Interesting Sales Last Week
5th and Madison sold a second-floor one-bedroom unit last week for $375,000. I hope the buyers are exhibitionists. The public library could use a bit more risque art.

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  • Swing Trading

    Interesting post. I have made a twitter post about this. My friends will enjoy reading it also.

  • Santa


    Aways interesting to view the “this week's sold” items you post up, but most of us here will never be able to afford such expensive places. If you really wanted to help us readers of this great site :) how about posting some affordable (under $400K), cool and great deals that we should check out? like what you think are good quality built, good neighborhood, etc. deals. That would be awesome! Thanks!

  • kent

    Santa – open the link above = “49 condos and townhouse…” this will give you a sortable list that you can sort by price. you will see “highest to lowest” or lowest to highest. I think will meet your needs.

  • seattlesavvy

    Nice to see Escala moving! phew. I just don't understand what Rennie is doing with that domain and changing the colors from black and white to blue and orange. The guy has history, so i'm sure he knows what he's doin.

    Agreed on the $400k and under idea, however I could see how something below that price point could appear to be a great deal, but also be somewhat…idk if I'm saying this right but deceiving by perspective? What if this great place at a great price had, for example, a cemetary around the corner? Or, son of a gun the photographer did an amazing job at cropping those power lines. View shots. It's not uncommon for an agent or photographer to lean waaaaaaaaaaaaay out on a deck to get a wide angle pic of the peek-a-boo view to where it may look like a $450k listing, but is really a $350k listing.

    @Sarah. You're funny! From what I understand, there may already be _____ at _____. Little bird though. Not a trustworthy source.