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Another Modern Capitol Hill Townhouse

Condos are on the outs and townhouses are in! Here’s another modern townhouse. This one is at 111 19th Ave E (19th and Denny). This one is listed for $339,950. Which gets you 1,210 square feet, so a one bedroom with 2.25 baths. Current average appraisal: $381,000 You must have JavaScript enabled to submit an… Read More

Price Increases?

Seeing Escala raise the price on unit 2606 $25k to $1,624,000 reminded me that 200 West Highland has also raised prices on a few units; unit 305 was bumped up $100k to $1,150,000, unit 505 was also bumped $100k to $1,150,000, unit 201 was bumped $25k to $1,800,000 though its still down from its first… Read More

Contemporary Townhouses on Capitol Hill

Everyone enjoying this rainy, not rainy, rainy memorial day weekend? I got a 60 mile bike ride in yesterday morning so I don’t feel too guilty for sitting around the rest of the weekend… Anyhow, a contemporary townhouse development at 411 Summit Ave E (Summit and Harrison) has hit the market. Unit A is $650,000… Read More

Open Houses This Weekend

Spending your holiday weekend condo hunting? There are 58 open houses in Seattle this weekend. Here are a few of them: 1105 23rd Ave S Saturday, May 29, 2010 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM These new townhouses from Dwell are listed at $479,000 for 1,670 square feet. That’s a little expensive for the neighborhood, but… Read More

Curvy Townhouse at Market Place Tower North

Every so often a listing escapes our notice here. Today, 88 Virginia #1 caught my eye. It’s a very curvy townhouse that’s a part of the Marketplace Tower North complex in Belltown that dropped its price to $749k from a high of $879k back in January. The unit is 1 bedroom and 1,288 square feet…. Read More

Interesting Sales Last Week

There were 34 condo and townhome sales in Seattle last week according to Redfin. Here are a few of them: This one-bedroom unit in “Willows on 10th” in Queen Anne was listed for $287,500 back in January. After a price drop in late March, it sold last week for $267,500. That works out to $361… Read More

Houses Close-In Under $700k

I’m bored this evening and browsing houses for sale even though with two condos underwater a house isn’t in my future. I started looking for under $600k but the pickings were slim. I expanded to $700k and a few more popped up though further out than I’d like. Here’s what caught my eye. My topic… Read More

Broadway Building’s Retail 75% Leased

Got a press release the other day saying that the Broadway Building at Broadway and Pine is 75% leased which I found pretty surprising given that the building just went up and there seems to be a lot of retail sitting empty around here in the Pike and Pine corridor. Retailers moving in include: Panera… Read More

QA Townhome with a View

This listing caught my eye the other day… 425 Ward St is a Queen Anne townhome with a view, for only $1,148,950 for 2,080 square feet. Last sold in November 2006 for $1,295,000 and before that in February 2006 for $995,000 .

Modern Studio in Belltown

Looking for a modern studio in Belltown? Check out unit 401 at Harbour Heights. Concrete floors, floor to ceiling windows (but no view), bedroom nook, balcony and kitchen and bath that could use a remodel: $205,000 for 550 square feet.

Open Houses This Weekend – Pub Crawl Edition!

There are 127 open houses in Seattle this weekend according to Redfin. Many of them are near bars. Fantastic lovely Seattle bars. Here are a few recommendations, for your drinking pleasure: 4547 8th Ave NE Saturday, May 22 and Sunday, May 23 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM Duncan Place in the U District will have… Read More

Modern Town Homes Near Judkins Park

For fans of modern townhouses you might like 1107 22nd Ave S – Unit B. One of several brand new 5-star built green town homes down by Judkins Park near the I-90 trail. This one is priced at $479,000 for 1,800 square feet, 3 beds, 3 baths: Current average appraisal: $383,000 You must have JavaScript… Read More

Interesting Sales Last Week

According to Redfin, there were 22 townhouse and condo sales in Seattle last week. Here are a few of them: This one-bedroom unit at Belltown’s Cristalla sold last week for $316K. It was listed for $318K. It has been on the market since January, when it was listed at $349,990. That’s quite a bit higher… Read More

Open Houses This Weekend

There are open houses in Seattle! This very weekend! 87 of them, in fact. Here are a few for your perusing pleasure: 1415 2nd Ave #1004 Sunday, May 16, 2010 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM Newmark Tower is my favorite building in Seattle (which is, of course, my favorite city in the world), and there’s… Read More

Go See Condo Millennium

Tonight I went and saw the opening of Condo Millennium at the North West Film Forum with my Redfin co-worker Kevin who happens to be in the middle of closing on a condo at the Meridian. Judging by the look of the audience I felt like we were the only pro-real estate people there :)…. Read More

Escala: 52 Sales Since March 21st

Got an email from Escala today: There have been 52 new sales since March 21st and our weekly appointments continue to book-up. Unclear whether that is 52 signed contracts, or 52 closed deals, or a mix…

Condo Millennium: A Performance About Cap Hill’s Condo Boom/Bust

The excellent Capitol Hill Seattle blog let us know about an interesting performance named Condo Millennium by Marya Sea Kaminski at the North West Film Forum this Thursday through Saturday at 8 pm: Join us for a performance exposition written and directed by Marya Sea Kaminski. Inspired by the transformation of Seattle’s Pike-Pine corridor and… Read More

Interesting Sales Last Week

There were 13 condo and townhouse sales in Seattle last week according to Redfin. Here are a few of them: Two sales at Escala last week. A 19th floor one-bedroom unit for $554,000 and a 28th floor three-bedroom unit for $1,880,000. Something is indeed changing at Escala. An eighth-floor one bedroom at Mosler Lofts in… Read More

Courtyard Home Tour This Sunday

No open house post this week with the NWMLS still down over the weekend. However, I did get a note about a open house tour of courtyard homes on Capitol Hill tomorrow: These four properties are prime examples of Courtyard-style living, very popular in the 1920’s. Each of them enjoys a shared courtyard area, creating… Read More

Is Mark Schuster Selling Penthouse #2 At Mosler Lofts?

Is Mark Schuster taking advantage of Mosler’s new lien-free status to sell his penthouse (known as PH #2) at the condo he built, Mosler Lofts? An observant reader spotted this website,, a website advertising penthouse #2 at Mosler Lofts for sale at $3 million which county records confirm is owned by Schuster. The county… Read More