Is Mark Schuster Selling Penthouse #2 At Mosler Lofts?

Is Mark Schuster taking advantage of Mosler’s new lien-free status to sell his penthouse (known as PH #2) at the condo he built, Mosler Lofts?

An observant reader spotted this website,, a website advertising penthouse #2 at Mosler Lofts for sale at $3 million which county records confirm is owned by Schuster. The county says he paid $1,457,000 for it in November of 2007.

Unfortunately with the NWMLS down (the NWMLS is the central database where Seattle agents list homes for sale) we’re unable to knew if it’s officially hit market this week or not.

Here are some photos of the unit which is a 2,000 square foot two story one bedroom loft.

While researching this I was surprised to find Mark on Twitter, @markrschuster.

Update: This unit is now on the MLS: PH #2 at 2720 3rd Ave.

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  • Watson

    Are you surprised he wants out? Every time he steps in the elevator he gets into an argument with a Mosler resident. I'm surprised the guy doesn't have a bodyguard. The lien caused many people great hardship.

    BTW, the website confirms it is Schuster's loft if you read closely.

    I toured this loft (it's barely a penthouse at 2000 sq ft) when Mosler was wrapping up construction and I'm at a loss to see $1.5m in upgrades. Asking $3m ($1500 a sq ft) is crazy given the market is 20% down from 2007. I'll wager it doesn't sell for more than $2m given the buildings problems.

  • cameronrex

    Beautiful. BUT, the buyer better be prepared to buy Windex by the case.

  • Pretty

  • Crouch

    The design of this loft is a bit of a bust. It might work for someone who wants an oversized one bedroom loft, but I don't think it can compete with others in the price range.

    It's also not clear if the view to the north will be protected given that it's a parking lot today and a prime development site. You could end up looking into another loft across a narrow street once the market recovers.

  • ken_t

    Watson –

    “Are you surprised he wants out? Every time he steps in the elevator he gets into an argument with a Mosler resident”

    You may be right, but I live in the building, have seen John dozens of times and have never seen him in an argument with another resident.

    As far as the building having problems, not nearly as many as other buildings. Most residents here would say we have a quality building. Great place to live.

    I agree with your assessment of pricing, seems too high for sure.

  • Max

    You must not know Mark that well if you think his name is John!

    The Mosler's #1 problem is the lien which locked out sales for the last two years.

  • Jeff

    As a resident of Mosler, I love the building and what it has to offer. Now that the building is lien free, there are some great buys in the building.

  • Buyer

    Did anyone notice that of the ten Mosler condo's listed in the last two weeks, Schuster's overpriced penthouse is the only one above water. All of the others are deep into the red by many thousands of dollars.

    Two of the ten listings are foreclosures. Mosler prices are creeping down to the $300's per square foot. #311 went from $376k to listing at $274k last week.

    What's even more ironic is that Schuster didn't really pay anything for that penthouse, if you consider that he was simply paying himself when he bought it.

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