Houses Close-In Under $700k

I’m bored this evening and browsing houses for sale even though with two condos underwater a house isn’t in my future. I started looking for under $600k but the pickings were slim. I expanded to $700k and a few more popped up though further out than I’d like. Here’s what caught my eye.

My topic pick is 517 30th Ave E in Madison Valley for $620k. For that price you get a house with one bedroom plus loft, a 2 bedroom mother-in-law you could rent, and a cottage! Why hasn’t it sold yet? Oh wait, no garage or place to store stuff?

Another one that caught my eye is 187 37th Ave E, a 1968 contemporary in Denny Blaine for $699k.

And the fixer-upper and boat-lover in me is drawn to 2542 Boyer Ave E a waterfront home for only $695k. Granted the view is of 520…

If you see any cool houses (modern, contemporary, unusual) that catch your eye let us know at No craftsmen please :).

Update: A reader sent in this gem, 3453 NW 54th St, a waterfront home in Ballard for $499k:

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  • Sean P.

    The Madison Valley house is listing for almost twice its 2007 sale price. Either it was a real dump before or they have very high expectations for the value of the remodel.

  • phil

    Anybody interested in that waterfront home near 520, should review the State's plans for the replacement bridge first.