Contemporary Townhouses on Capitol Hill

Everyone enjoying this rainy, not rainy, rainy memorial day weekend? I got a 60 mile bike ride in yesterday morning so I don’t feel too guilty for sitting around the rest of the weekend…

Anyhow, a contemporary townhouse development at 411 Summit Ave E (Summit and Harrison) has hit the market.

Unit A is $650,000 for a 2 bedroom 1,861 square foot place.

Unit B is $675,000 for a 2 bedroom 1,765.

Looks to still be under construction which explains why there are unfortunately no interior photos:

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  • j2xl

    Speaking of Capitol Hill townhouses, have you heard anything about the development at 19th & Glen? (Example:… )

    I heard about these a few days ago and dropped by today. They're brand-new and they look it, but I'm curious about the “no HOA dues” statement. Wondering whether they're meant to stand alone or whether an HOA has yet to be formed. In any event, the prices are startlingly low for 1200 square feet within walking distance of Trader Joe's and the 15th Avenue commercial strip.

    And that Firehouse unit is incredible — except for the matter of $1600+ a month in taxes and homeowner fees.

  • Mark

    What's the ownership situation on it? About 2 months ago, there was a notice of default on the front of the building. There's been some work on it, but it doesn't look very finished yet.

  • Ouch

    According to King County records, Shoreline Bank foreclosed on the builder in February.

    They'd look a lot nicer if they hadn't cheaped out with white vinyl windows everywhere.

  • Ouch

    I found some renderings as well.

    Weird – the first name that came up for the developers address was a Christian Leadership Charity.

  • Ouch

    The renderings look a lot nicer without the vinyl windows.

  • CameronRex

    I walk by these about once a week and have not seen any work being done in months.

  • CameronRex

    Townhouses do not have to form an HOA. There can be a written agreement as part of the sale to keep up the general structure and roof. Also means gardening and such is to be done by owner. Same with any repairs. No HOA to step in. I actually prefer this arrangement when there is only two units. Easier.

  • phil

    Nothing like the choice of ultra white vinyl windows to make you wonder where else they cut costs.

  • Yeah, the windows look much better in the renderings. Thanks for digging up those renderings!