Price Increases?

Seeing Escala raise the price on unit 2606 $25k to $1,624,000 reminded me that 200 West Highland has also raised prices on a few units; unit 305 was bumped up $100k to $1,150,000, unit 505 was also bumped $100k to $1,150,000, unit 201 was bumped $25k to $1,800,000 though its still down from its first price of $2,650,000. Which is odd since 200 West Highland is facing foreclosure.


Meanwhile, my favorite firehouse on Capitol Hill has dropped its price to $553,062. If someone would loan me the money I’d buy it in a heart beat.

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  • mrad

    Yes, like the firehouse next to Broadway Market too. Though I notice the listing says “as-is … no warranty of any kind” … so what's wrong with it?

  • mattgoyer

    That firehouse unit is bank owned which is why they won't fix anything you find at inspection.