500sf Loft at Monique Lofts

I heard a rumor the other day that two units were coming available at Monique Lofts. Looks like the first one to hit the market is #305 a 500 square foot loft with a 100 square foot half height sleeping area. It’s priced at $250k which is $7k less than it sold for in 2005:

90432 1 0 500sf Loft at Monique Lofts

90432 9 0 500sf Loft at Monique Lofts

Disclaimer: this is a Redfin listing too and I work at Redfin…

appraisals2534 6 500sf Loft at Monique Lofts

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    Saw this unit today. It didn't feel as large as 500 sq ft, and the half-height area was so treacherous to reach that I would only use it for storage if I lived there. The building itself is beautiful and the location is great, though it seems like it'd get very loud on summer nights.