Interesting Sales Last Week

There were 36 condo and townhouse sales in Seattle last week according to Redfin. Here are a few standouts:

This two-bedroom townhouse in the “808 in Fremont” development sold last week for $535,000 after only a month on the NWMLS. It was listed at $549,000. It includes 1,745 square feet. According to their website, all four townhouses in the development have already sold.

More staging with ladders! I thought this was odd the first time I saw it. This looks like it could even be the same ladder! Someone please inform this poor decoration-impared agent that propping a ladder against a wall does not make it more likely that the unit will sell. On the other hand, this unit did sell for $292,000. It’s a two-bedroom in Magnolia. Maybe it’s a magical ladder. Have you seen this ladder in another listing? Did it sell?

Escala sold three units last week – Unit 1103 for $549 per sq ft, Unit 1703 for $576 per sq ft, and Unit 1904 for $607 per sq ft. That’s quite a lot higher than the downtown average of $482 per sq ft.

This one-bedroom unit is in that giant 234-unit building on the waterfront just west of Pike Place market. It sold in 2005 for $394,150, was listed in April of this year for $372,500, and sold last week for $360,000.

This one-bedroom unit in Asia Condominiums in the International District sold last week for $185,000. That’s quite a plunge from its 2006 price of $297,900. The average list price for the International District is right between the two – $219,950.

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  • Patrick

    I think I have an idea why ladders are being used in staging, and if I'm right then it's actually quite smart.
    1) Ladders are associated with lofts (since you sometimes need a wooden ladder like that to get up to your bed or storage area). Lofts are a desired type of condo and sometimes sell for higher rates.
    2) Ladders are a vertical element that give the impression of higher ceilings. They play with your mind's perception of scale; could make the condo appear larger or more spacious.

  • michel77

    Patrick, I think your comments somewhat make sense, at least when it comes to condo staging.. Then I came across this listing and they used not one, but two ladders!! I see a scary trend developing here..

  • Eugene

    I think it is like those pool ladders that invite you to submerge yourself underwater. Seriously though, I would not purchase unless a saw a highly motivated seller who used at least 3 ladders.

  • A reader sent me a link to another ladder-spotting:

    My question is, do people actually use ladders to decorate or are they solely used by stagers?