Top Floor Resale at Brix

A top floor resale at Brix has hit the market, unit 327 for $500,000 for a 974 square foot two bedroom. The seller paid $540,000 in September 2008. They’ll face competition selling the unit as there are still 27 units available according to King County Records:

Graph of appraisals

Current average appraisal:


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  • Petenice

    Has anyone been in to see this unit?

  • Amanda Loring

    Hello Matt,

    I just wanted to clarify the stats at Brix for you. We actually only have 5 homes left to sell. We have closed 128 homes,and have 8 homes pending. (Sometimes it takes a bit for the county records to catch up.) The remaining homes we have available are all open one bedroom layouts, under 630 sq. ft. and they are priced in the mid $200,000k range. I hope this information helps. Sincerely, Amanda & Julie ( Brix Sales Team)