Reader’s Thoughts on Hjarta

I love reader comments and emails. Here’s a recent one from a reader about Hjarta:

The reason you don’t know anything about this development, is becasue they don’t want you to know anything. Every tennat that lived in this building, that didn’t buy (becasue they couldn’t sell them) has immediately moved out once their lease was up. The management is horrible, and completely unhelpful. The electrical system in the bathroom is all screwy, and they never sent anyone to help fix it. The blinds don’t fit many of the windows because they never paid off the blind people, and the couple of people who do own in the building aren’t very friendly. In the beginning, I was excited to take up the lease to own option. I had hoped to eventually buy the unit I was renting. However after only a few weeks of living in the building I had so many problems, I was frustrated that my lease was for so long. From the outside the building looks amazing, but the management does not follow through on any of their promises, and the building has so many problems right off the bat. Also, if you really do want to a buy a place here … remember that it faces a fire station. The sirens go off ALL the time!

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  • guest

    I had a tour of Hjarta, being in the market for a two bedroom condo. After being talked down to by the agent (because we were wayyy below the price range of the ridiculous 500,000 asking price), he showed us the two bedroom “model”. It had a 16x16in column about 3.5 ft dead center in front of the fireplace. That's right – and this was there “model”. Regardless of your interior decorating skills, there is no way to work around a column right in front of your fireplace. Talk about bad design. Interior finishes looked cheap and floors looked dirty as well.

  • Guest

    This is very interesting–thank you for sharing as they say! It would be great if there was a site where potential buyers could really learn what it is like in the various buildings built during the past decade from residents themselves.

    Though I'd like to buy an apartment in the next year or two, I also feel *extremely* hesitant about committing to such a purchase without having some 'inside' knowledge of the building.( Reading the notes of the association isn't the same thing). It would be great to be able to read what residents (probably posting anonymously!) really thought of a building–whether they regretted their purchase etc –it would even be worth paying for a subscription….

  • Jbowers

    Yes, the first topic in the first sentence! ESCALA is kinda trippin about letting us go in and take pictures. So was Rollins Street. What the hell is that about? Let us see what the place is about damn it!!! I mean, there's people in other parts of the planet interested, and not in only what a developer or marketer chooses to show. But the nitty grit. Aren't we more likely to buy if we accept the nity rather than only being spoon fed? Kinda bent on Rollins, and totally different project, but they gave in allowed pics of ENSO, and that place sold great. Not that it was cause people could share pics, but i'm sure the excitement was certainly influenced. Right? Called to see about taking some pics at ESCALA the other day while I kinda get my thing going, and was referred to Eric, then referred to Bob, who I'm pretty sure won't respond. But I haven't tried (lil dance, lol). Maybe I should try, but come on! Is this related? idk. Fires me up! yeah. good one.

  • Jbowers

    i'm calling bob in morning!

  • a Hjarta owner

    I live in Hjarta, and I am an owner. Yes, I bought two years ago, and looking back, I the property was over-valued. I'm learning to live with it. The prices are coming down toward where they should be, and the condo is an excellent place to live.

    I have not had any electrical issues in my bathroom. I have not had any issues with my unit. At my one year walk through for warranty, I had the management fix very minor cosmetic issues and no major problems. My unit has not gone through any major “settling” issues.

    I've known many of my neighbors–both renters and owners, and for the most part, I like them all. I smile in the hallways and elevators, and I get many in return. I hang out with both owners and renters–not all the time, but it is not a cold building as the author of this post suggests. There are some residents who have gotten to know each other very well and have very good, long-lasting relationships.

    I did not rent, so I did not have to deal with the company that installed blinds. I didn't fancy that company when I saw them in the building. It looked like a low cost option. If you buy, you'll probably put in your own window treatments.

    It sucks to hear about bad interactions with the sales people of Hjarta. I will be bringing this up with my neighbors and hopefully the building management. I'm sure that they want potential buyers to have a good experience.

    Blogs and the social web are a great place to do research. By and large, the community shares great information. Just remember to read a lot. If you're in Ballard, pay a visit to the property. Make a judgement based on all of the information that is available to you.

    ~a mostly satisfied owner

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