Lofty Pursuits, Schuster Writes About Mosler Lofts

Mark Schuster, the developer behind Mosler Lofts, has written a book, Lofty Pursuits about his career and building Mosler Lofts, a Belltown condo.

Lofty Pursuits is a journey of success built the old-fashioned way: through perseverance and hard work. Over the course of twenty-five years, Seattle real estate developer Mark Schuster went from scrubbing toilets to building a multi-million dollar real estate investment business and, in the course of doing so, pioneered and developed the most nationally acclaimed, environmentally conscious residential high-rise building of 2008 Mosler Lofts. Early in his career, Mark had vowed to erect an iconic building, a building worthy of honoring his grandfather, George Mosler. The completion of Mosler Lofts fulfilled that dream and, in the end, much more. Mosler Lofts not only became a landmark expression of innovative design and green building practices but also the catalyst of expressing what Mark describes as the three pillars of sustainability. Lofty Pursuits is about honoring family legacy, designing and managing our businesses for future generations, and about making a positive impact on the social challenges facing humanity.

The book comes out September 6th. Can’t wait to pick it up and see what his says about the delays, the massive lien that dragged out for three years, water damage and the sale of his own unit. Not to mention his next project at 2700 Elliott Ave is on hold.

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  • bobby

    I can only imagine that most of the residents will be buying a copy or two!

  • Former_Belltowner

    It's easy to be snarky about this, but at the end of the day he did develop one of the best designed condo projects in the region. No doubt there were issues, but in the long run the building is a handsome addition to the skyline.

  • Kane

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  • Jeff

    I live in the building and love it. Large open spaces – air conditioning – tons of light – very quiet – good ammenities – fun neighbors.

    The lien was a pain, but it is gone. There are no water issues other than resident caused. Nobody is building now, so no suprise his next project is on hold.

  • Guest

    How's your closet space?

  • jeff

    Huge bedroom closet, entry closet in the den, and a kitchen pantry are more than enough.