Gallery Cutting Prices

With summer winding down, sales down and an auction at Olive 8 coming up we’re going to start to see more price reductions.

The first batch come from Gallery in Belltown who still has units to move even though they auctioned a bunch off.

Unit 324 started at $360,000, most recently was at $292,000 and is now priced at $275,000.

Unit 509 started at $307,600, most recently was at $262,000 and is now priced at $250,000.

Unit 1107 started at $646,000, most recently was at $470,000 and is now priced at $450,000.

Gallery is also offering a 3% buyer’s bonus:

Buyer Bonus: 3% up to $10,000, available on all new contracts written between 6/18/10 – 8/31/10, closing by 9/30/10.

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  • Urban Dweller

    I don't understand what Gallery pricing has to do with Olive 8. Gallery is a building that is over 75% sold. The remaining units are all one-bedroom units that don't have the best views. Still the prices are reasonable. Because of the lack of views, the remaining units may be a little harder to move. I bought one at auction and love it. I couldn't buy it now for the same price. Olive 8 is a completely different beast in a completely different location.

  • phil

    Gallery is one of the SLU properties that Cascadelink is offering 30mbps to.

  • phil

    whoops; that's 30mbps residential Internet service for $40/month.

    Trying to do too many things at once.

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  • That's awesome. I wish my condo had 30 mbps Internet!

  • I respectfully disagree, if you're looking to buy a one bedroom condo in downtown Seattle I think both Gallery and Olive 8 would be on your list of places to check out.

  • Urban Dweller

    What is it that you disagree with? That Gallery is over 75% sold, has only one bedroom units remaining, and is in a different location than Olive 8? My point is that Gallery’s price cuts have little to do with the fact that Olive 8 can’t sell units. They have brought in at Olive 8 a marketing gimmic disguised as an auction. Check out what happened at 5th and Madison. Many of the winning bidders didn’t close because of the reserve. I would not participate in such a marketing scheme.

  • EVERYBODY knows it’s the 1st auction in a city that is “successful” while those that follow rarely raise a brow. what the heck do you do with that place tho?

    i just hope they don’t try and be too gimicky. sure to backfire if so. i hope they’re not wishful thinking and really just concerned with getting people in ’em.

    prices need to be like what the new team at escala was saying, “why wouldn’t we (a buyer) buy at escala? the prices are just too good!”