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A Little Dwell on Queen Anne

2407 Warren Ave N caught my eye when it hit the market yesterday. It looks to be straight of Dwell including photos of a cute doggy, a figure vanishing around a corner, and a R2D2 droid. Priced at $1,395,000 you get 4 beds, 2.25 baths, in 3,246 square feet. Maybe when Unhappy Hipsters is back… Read More

Sale at Trace Lofts

I keep a close eye on the sales at Trace Lofts, the building we live in; after three years there are still a few units that have never been lived in for sale. Looks like #406 recently sold for $346,000, a far cry from the $525,000 it was listed at when Trace went on-sale in… Read More

Olive 8 Auction Video

They didn’t allow photos and videos at the Olive 8 auction the other weekend but that rule is hard to enforce when every other person has an iPhone :). So here’s a video from my phone. Sorry that I didn’t tilt my iPhone the other way!

Condo Market in August: Sales Drop 13%, Prices Flat

Sorry I’m so way late in posting this! Redfin recently released data on what happened with the Seattle Area market this August showing that for the city of Seattle the median condo price stayed the same at $290,000 from July to August. Median price was also flat year-over-year. It is surprising that median price has… Read More

Modern Arboretum Home by Pb Elemental

This modern home in the Arboretum designed by Pb Elemental, built by Pete Granger Inc caught my eye. It’s at 2505 E Ward: $850,000 for 2,609 square feet. 4 beds, 2.5 baths…

Seattle Times on the Olive 8 Auction

The Seattle Times was at the Olive 8 auction today, Bidders snag big deals at Olive 8 condo auction. I’ve been meaning to dig into county records to see how many units have sold but now don’t have to: Before Sunday, Olive 8 closed deals for 74 of its 227 units, mostly on the building’s… Read More

Olive 8 Condo Auction Results – 32 units for $13.3m

This afternoon auctioneer Kennedy Wilson auctioned off 32 units for Olive 8 developer RC Hedreen. We were on location to capture the results in realtime on Twitter and post them all online before anyone else. Had it not been raining I’m sure I would have been biking :). Here are the Olive 8 condo auction… Read More

1521 70% Sold

Fifteen Twenty-One has announced that they’ve had their 100th closing. Only 43 to go! To celebrate they’re hosting a building tour this weekend. They’ve also updated their website to include photos of a number of building residents. Looks like if you like wine and can afford a million dollar condo you’ll fit right in. They… Read More

Gallery: Great Time to Buy!

The Gallery in Belltown declares, “It’s a Great Time to Buy a New Condo!” Personally I’d wait until after the Olive 8 auction this Sunday to see how much downtown condo prices move down… To get you buying they’ve brought back their promotion, “3% of purchase price up to $10,000 to be used for closing… Read More

$3.8m Houseboat on Eastlake

Check out this amazing $3.8 million Lake Union houseboat at 2369 Fairview Ave E: 3,300 square feet, 3 beds, 3.5 baths, 900 square foot rooftop deck, boat lift,… Only $1,152/square foot! Current average appraisal: $307,826,235 You must have JavaScript enabled to submit an appraisal.  Your appraisal: $ Submit

Great Stuff Now Kirk Albert

Fans of Great Stuff, the awesome shop of “perfect imperfections”, down in Georgetown, has been renamed Kirk Albert Vintage Furnishings. If you’re not a fan, his collection is now online! Here’s a description of recent arrivals: We’ve uncovered some amazing new items, including a pair of 9-ft. tall c.1947 Rocket Nose Cones from New Mexico… Read More

Beacon Hill Free Standing Loft

Sorry I dropped off the face of the planet! Went to Canada for Labor Day and then again last weekend and work has been crazy. But this place at 2525 13th Ave S did catch my eye the other day. The place looks pretty cool. However, it’s been on the market since April. I guess… Read More

Open Houses This Weekend

Here’s a rundown of just a few of the 145 open condos and townhouses in Seattle this weekend: 827 Hiawatha Place S Saturday, September 11 and Sunday, September 12 12:00 PM – 6:00 PM I’d call this the Central District. Redfin calls it Rainier Valley. The website copy, however, is insistent that it’s “South Downtown.”… Read More