Great Belltown Loft at 81 Vine

Corey sent me this great loft at 81 Vine, #306 – 16′ ceilings, 10′ windows and impeccably staged.

139903 1 1 Great Belltown Loft at 81 Vine

139903 4 1 Great Belltown Loft at 81 Vine

It’s priced at $349,500. Last sold in December of 2005 for $380,000. My only concern is that the blinds are closed in all the photos; what’s the view like?

Update: Corey stopped by and checked it out… It’s a north-east facing unit. He reports there’s a walk-in-closet, the washer and dryer are in a small room as opposed to a closet, which is a big plus, there’s no parking, and the blinds are remote-controlled.

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  • Ace

    There are two other units at 81 Vine that have been sitting on the MLS for many months that I’ve had my eye on.

    In my opinion, the loft remodels in this building do not appear to be code compliant. #306 has clearly out of code stairs and railings. #300 has the classic fall down the stairs and out the window configuration, also a code no-no, plus a complete absence of any railings on the top level.