Large One-Bedroom Loft-y Capitol Hill Rentals

I often get asked about rentals around in the Pike/Pine corridor and usually have no clue about what’s for rent. For whatever reason I took a peak at Craigslist today and there are a few interesting options for Capitol Hill renters for those of you in the $2,000+ a month club.

Trace Lofts Penthouse

$2,250 for a penthouse at Trace Lofts.

Agnes Lofts

$2,250 for a corner unit at Agnes Lofts.

The Crawford

After failing to sell, #302 is available for $1,950.

Contemporary Masterpiece

And for those of you with $9,800 a month check out this “north Capitol Hill contemporary masterpiece“.

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  • agusus

    I looked at an apt in Agnes Lofts a couple months ago. $1920 for a non-corner unit (Pike St facing) on the 3rd floor. And wow, those apts are impressive! Fantastic layout, beautiful hardwoods, huge floor-to-ceiling windows with included black-out curtains that are pretty easy to open/close. Gas stove, creative kitchen cabinetry. Only downsides were a super small refrigerator (but fixed by getting a second mini fridge/freezer), and there was no garage parking availability as of September (they don’t have enough spots for the whole building, but you can get on a waiting list and can get an assigned parking lot spot while you wait).

    I wish more buildings in the city were built like that – there aren’t many true NY-style lofts in Seattle – most lofts here are single-level units with above-average ceiling height, not dual-level lofts.

    $2250 is super steep though. Even $1920 makes one think why not just buy a similar condo, since payments on a 30-yr would only be slightly higher than that. But I guess it’s worth it if you have a lot of cash to spend and are real-estate-averse.

  • Problem with buying a similar condo is that there aren’t many double height lofts for sale on the hill right now to choose from!

    The other bonus about Agnes is that they’ve talked about converting those to condos in a few years. Being a renter will put you on the inside track to buying one.

  • lilybird99

    There is often at least one double-height loft for rent or sale here at the Monique Lofts. Address is 1505 11th Ave, but for some reason gets listed in MLS as 1024 E Pike, so if you dig this building it’s worth checking both addresses.