AIA Seattle Award Winner

The big honor winner at the AIA Seattle Awards for Washington Architecture this past Monday was the Colman Triplex. Using words that I have no clue what they mean, like typology, the AIA describes how the jurors felt:

Jurors felt this project was a “model for future residential building in the city” and discussed how the typology “had the right amount of detail” and while “fun”, clearly showed that a “level of thought was carried through from smallest to biggest decisions.” According to the jury, the project “achieved its goal and was consistent throughout.” Overall, they felt it demonstrated what it means when “architecture is life; [one] could visualize what it really means to be a family living downtown.” One juror expressed plainly: “This is what we need in a city.”

For those more inclined to pretty pictures, here it is:

You can read about the event in their press release, browse a few photos on their Flickr stream, or view the other, lessor, winners.

Seeing as how a hinge for Art Stable “won” a citation, we will need to go see said hinge in person soon.

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