Kinizi, Groupon for Apartments

I get a record number of daily deal emails – Groupon (recently purchased $50 at Nordstrom Rack), Tippr (recently purchased 50% of Evo), Deal Pop (recently purchased 50% off a haircut at Emerson Salon), The Clymb (tempted often by outdoor gear but no purchase yet), One Kings Lane (home decor, but not my style), Gilt (tempted often but no purchase yet) and the list goes on.

Now, there’s a daily deal site for apartments getting started right here in Seattle. Meet Kinizi that demo’d at TechStars a few weeks ago.

Their first deal, a $6,000 savings at Aspira, looked promising but looks like that’s been their one and only deal. Wonder which apartment we’ll see try them out next?

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  • Eric Kennedy

    At $2,200/month for a 1 bedroom with low end finishes (laminate countertops!) , the Aspira deal is a good example of marking something up 20% and then discounting it by 30%. The overall savings isn’t impressive.

  • Foo Bar

    Aspira is truly a triumph of marketing style over substance. I even heard them mentioned on NPR with their generous rent specials. No mention of their pricing at about 60% over market, or the Denny Triangle neighborhood being a work in progress.

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