Curbed Coming to Seattle

Seattle, the city with more condo blogs per condo building than anywhere else*, and almost as many ‘hood blogs as neighborhoods* is finally getting our very own Curbed Seattle:

At present, we’re hiring an editor for the forthcoming Curbed Seattle, which means now is the time for editors who will make the magic happen to step forward onto the dancefloor.

We’re looking for a Seattle resident that’s mainlined into the soul of the city’s real estate and neighborhoods universe to take on the job of Curbed Seattle editor.

I love Curbed and relish the real estate porn they send me every afternoon via their newsletter. However, I’ve secretly longed they’d skip over Seattle and leave it to us locals to fight over the Seattle real estate enthusiast’s attention. But a little more competition is a good thing and blogging isn’t a zero sum game. Hopefully this kicks my butt into blogging more! (In my defense, work was crazy the first few weeks of January and I’ve been in Maui this past week. Plus every new listing is a re-activation.)

* I’m not kidding, for my day job we track real estate and neighborhood blogs in a ton of cities across the US, Seattle leads the pack in blogging.

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For years Matt resisted becoming a real estate agent preferring to be an executive at Redfin but he recently caved in the spring of 2014 and became an agent. If you're interested in working with Matt, drop him a line at You can also find Matt on Twitter or skiing.

  • Jeff Bernheisel

    Wonder how long before they come to Portland?

  • JBowers

    never really thought about that… seattle probably does. look all over for ideas but not many locations that have a solid chunk of people that do it. curbed eh? be interesting to see who steps up.

  • AA

    Or you could apply for the job! Do it!! Do it!!

  • Roert Brookes

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