Memorize This Garbage

Okay, it’s not actually garbage – it’s your compost and yard waste chart. And those of you who live in apartments and condos have until September to memorize it. In September 2011, all Seattle apartment and condo buildings will be required by city ordinance to compost food waste by adding it to the yard waste bin, instead of throwing it out in the garbage.

SPU Compost Chart Memorize This Garbage

If you learn better through interaction, try playing the addictive Recycling Game (warning: there’s audio at the end of this link). Or, if you don’t want to memorize the chart or play the game, here are some top level food and yard waste rules to remember:

  • No plastic, glass, or metal allowed. Only special, approved compost-friendly bags (or paper bags or newspaper) can be used to package food waste.
  • Yes to food scraps, yard waste, and food soiled paper products (such as napkins and pizza boxes). You can even mix shredded paper in with your yard waste.
  • Food scraps include fruit, vegetable, meat, fish, dairy, bread/grain, and rice/pasta scraps, plus shells/bones, coffee filters/grounds, tea bags, eggshells, and nutshells,

Your building doesn’t have bins for yard waste? Get the apartment manager or building owner involved.

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    A big reduction of waste can achieve through compost bins, separating waste that can be compost wouldn’t hurt so try it your own.