Lakeview Townhomes Back on the Market

Two Lakeview Townhomes are back on the market. They first hit the market after they were built in 2009 but were then rented after presumably not selling.

Unit A is $639,000 for 2 beds, 2.25 baths, 1,655 square feet. Back in 2009 it was listed at $765,000.

Unit B is $549,000 for 2 beds, 2 baths, 1,417 square feet. Back in 2009 it was listed at $935,000! That’s quite the adjustment. This time they’re listing the square footage less than last time. County records show 400 square feet unfinished. Garage?

Looks like both units have showers in the bedroom. Seems a little odd…

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  • Brian

    I’m all for the party shower in the bedroom, I can think of endless uses for that. What I wouldn’t tolerate is the toilet being separated from the bedroom by just a sheet of glass. What kind of a freaky German scheiße fetishist would you have to be for that to be an ok idea?

  • Katy

    What they don’t show you in the listing is that the view is basically I5. The I5 view plus the noise and pollution in this location is a deal killer. Hence the lack of sales…

  • Christopher12

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