Interesting Sales Last Week

A total of 42 condos and townhouses had SOLD placards slapped on their For Sale signs last week, including:

Queen’s Court (124 Warren Ave N)
140815 1 Interesting Sales Last Week

Two 1-bedroom units sold at the converted Queen Anne condos of Queen’s Court:

  • #202 – 1bd/1b, 546 sf for $169,950 ($30K below last reduced price)
  • #305 – 1bd/1b, 546 sf for $167,950 ($32K below last reduced price)

A total of 8 units have sold since the price reductions in June 2010, which leaves 6 in available inventory (+1 resale).

Fifteen Twenty-One Second Avenue
164688 1 Interesting Sales Last Week

Two luxury condominiums sold on the 18th and 28th floors of Fifteen Twenty-One Second Avenue at slight discounts from previous list:

  • #1801 – 2bd/1.75b, 1968 sf for $1,359,362 (an oddly exact number that’s ~11% below the Sept 2010 list price of $1.53M)
  • #2804 – 1bd/1.75b, 1723 sf for $1.595M (~10% below the Dec 2010 list price of $1.77M)

Twenty-Five on the Park
86896 2 Interesting Sales Last Week

Despite its complicated history, units are moving at Twenty-five on the Park. Last week, this 2-bedroom, 2.25 bath townhouse sold for $400K, after being originally listed for $475K in June 2010. Am I the only one who is surprised to see that 6 units have sold since the first of the year for as much as $115K less than listed?

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  • Collinhinshaw

    Not surprised at the reduction- walked through them last year, they were overpriced then, and still are. Hard to justify that price tag when they crammed too many units on that parcel. Do the middle and back units get any light?