Fifth and Madison Penthouse For Sale (or Trade?)

The penthouse on the 24th floor of Fifth and Madison was listed on the MLS yesterday for an asking price of $1.674M. The 3-bedroom, 2.25 bath condo has the great views and quality finishes that you would expect from a downtown penthouse, with the added bonus of residing in one of the first notable examples of green high rises in Seattle.

909 5th Ave PH3

Built in 2008 by Turner Construction, the downtown condominium set an early example for green lifestyle as it was one of the first high rise condominiums in Seattle to achieve gold LEED certification. In addition to the half-acre public park at the building entrance (pictured below), sustainable building practices included:

…recycling 1,800 tons of material during construction, the design incorporated numerous green features, including stormwater management, a reflective rooftop, light pollution and water use reduction, water-efficient landscaping and low-VOC emitting material selections.

Half-acre park at 5th & Madison

The penthouse has been on and off the listings since shortly after it was purchased in 2008 for $1.995M. Interesting to note that a quick search on the web showed that it was previously listed “for trade” on the Luxury Asset Network in December. So if you don’t have the cash, maybe you can trade?

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  • Katy

    5th and Madison has been a black eye for the developers and owners.

    Sub-par location, construction issues (poor unit ventilation and parking security to
    name two), then the big auction sell-off and now a very unhappy HOA.

    It’s hard to miss the sign across 5th – approval for a 40 story tower, which means this penthouse will never see the sun again. Because of this, it’s been on and off the MLS since the crash.

    To think it would sell for only 15% under the inflated $2 million price at the
    peak of the real estate bubble in 2007 is insanity.

    They were still trying to dump the penthouse next door for $1m last time I checked!

  • Fifth and Madison Penthouse is for rent was I read before last month in other site. What is the update of Madison penthouse right now?

  • What a great looking property this one is. I love the images that you used, it’s very captivating.

  • Nice place you got there, I’ll check it out the next days. We’ll see if it’s substandard.. 

  • Nice place, I love to see it literally. I’ll drive down one of this days, I hope would find good deals too..

  • Nice Place! Great interior and nice place to invest a place for your own..