Built Green Townhouse in Judkins Park

This modern, Built Green townhouse in Judkins Park was just listed for $500K. The narrow, 3-story structure occupies the driveway space of the original 1900′s single story home – which it still shares a wall with.

199533 1 0 Built Green Townhouse in Judkins Park

The listing doesn’t go into details about the green features or provide photos of the interiors so I looked to B9 Architects website which does contain more images and information. Built Green features include:

…solar tubes for hot water, a gray-water reuse system, dual-flush toilets and locally-sourced and reclaimed materials, the project’s most sustainable commitment was saving the recently remodeled 1900 home. It is true infill because it only occupies the space necessary to create the new dwelling.

The Judkins Park townhouse is a 3-bedroom, 2.25 bath unit located at 818 26th Ave S and is listed as a short sale.

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    The listing on Windermere has more photos and information. Looks nice.