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New Construction NW Contemporary

This new construction Northwest Contemporary home in Madison Park is just waiting for someone to offer up $2.8M. It contains an enviable amount of square footage (5,725 sf) and, you know, a meager 5 bedrooms and 4.5 baths. The L-shape of the home allows both the main floor living area and the kitchen/dining area to… Read More

Interesting Sales Last Week

25 condos and townhouses sold last week in Seattle. In new construction condos, the “Sold” meters ticked up by one at Trace North (#401) and Harvard and Highland (#6), while Olive 8 closed on two (#3004 and #2907). And then there were these notable sales: 744 Harvard Ave E #200 On the north end of… Read More

Flood at Mosler Lofts!

Two weeks ago a Mosler Lofts resident got home to their seventh floor unit Saturday night, started drawing a bath and promptly fell asleep. At 6 am on Sunday a neighboring resident awoke to find water flooding their place. Leaving a bathtub running all night flooded the stack immediately below the unit, the stacks adjoining… Read More

Open Houses This Weekend

Apartment Therapy says there’s going to be a huge blowout sale this weekend at Velocity Art & Design in South Lake Union. However, if you need to buy a condo or townhouse before you can go crazy at Velocity’s first annual warehouse sale of modern furnishings and accessories, try one of these 72 open houses… Read More

Million Dollar Monique Loft GUTTED

Once upon a time unit #201 at Monique Lofts was a million dollar loft wrangling for HGTV and glossy mag features. Today unit #201 is a gutted shell. In fact the listing doesn’t even have any photos of the interior. Instead they advertise, “This is your opportunity to create an original on blank canvas”. Before:… Read More

Joseph Arnold Lofts in Belltown

The Schuster Group brought us Mosler Lofts back in 2008, and it is with anticipation that we look forward to seeing what they do with their current apartment project, Joseph Arnold Lofts. I couldn’t wait, so I took a peek at the design proposal that went before the design board on May 10 — this… Read More

Classic Elegance on First Hill

A double unit at the Gainsborough on First Hill was listed this week for $839K. This condo contains a generous 5 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms in its 2,598 square feet. Inside this 8th floor condo you’ll find vintage details such as 1930’s tile and refinished wood floors. Otherwise, it looks like a blank slate of… Read More

Make Your Move With FROGBOX

There’s a greener moving alternative in town (and it’s not just because the boxes are green). Along the same vein of the recent drive to drop paper coffee cups in favor of reusable cups, you can relocate your belongings in plastic, reusable boxes from FROGBOX rather than the standard cardboard. Seattle (and surrounding areas) is… Read More

News for Renters, Buyers, and Donut Lovers

Mostly I read the news to stay up on such important events like the June 3rd celebration of National Donut Day but there’s been a fair amount in recent weeks for buyers and renters. Here’s a quick synopsis. CNN Money says buy in Seattle, but Seattle Times says troubled market is shifting younger generation’s sentiment… Read More

Monthly Rent of $15K? Try a Year

You could spend your rent budget of $15K in a single month by renting this 6-bedroom house on Capitol Hill or you can spread that $15K across an entire year to live in one of the following apartments (or a boat). Here is a snapshot of apartments advertising for approximately $1250/month on Craigslist: Capitol Hill:… Read More

Art Lover’s Masterpiece

The sign on the front door of this 19th floor condo at Millenium Tower should read “Elephants Must Tread Lightly” or perhaps “Fragile – Glass” because once you pass inside you are within stumbling distance of a lot of glass: floor-to-ceiling glass windows, kiln caste art glass counters, and a masterful collection of glass art… Read More

Event: Community Discussion About Noise

Urbnlivn talked a bit about addressing noise transference through floors in a condo building, but if your beef is more about what’s going on outside (traffic noise, construction noise, and nightlife noise), then you may want to attend today’s discussion at the Community Noise Public Outreach Workshop (CHS Blog). Date: Today, May 23, 2011 Time:… Read More

Interesting Sales Last Week

There were 27 closed sales in Seattle’s condo and townhouse market last week. After last week’s round-up of new construction condo inventory, it seems that the following units moved from the ‘pending’ column to the ‘sold’ column: Trace North #320 and #420 – both 1-bedroom condos that closed for $425/sf and $417/sf respectively. Enso #505… Read More

Olive 8 Open House, Incentives Ending Soon

This weekend Olive 8 is hosting an open house event to get interested buyers in to see (and pull the trigger on a purchase of) an Olive 8 condo before the spring incentives deal comes to an end on May 31. Olive 8 is located at 737 Olive Way and the open house runs from… Read More

Event: Rock Climbers Welcome New Home

Tonight Seattle Bouldering Project marks its Grand Opening with a party starting at 7PM (located at 900 Poplar Place S). Isn’t this a real estate blog you are wondering? Well, yes, but when the southern end of the Central District gets that much cooler with the opening of the Seattle Bouldering Project, I feel like… Read More

Open Houses This Weekend

Boy it is nice outside today! This is the sunny weather that makes the locals happy and visitors want to live here — and so might one of these compelling condos from the 107 condos and townhouses that are offering open houses this weekend. Art Stable (516 Yale Ave N) Sunday, 1-4PM A visit to… Read More

LINK Apartments Leasing in West Seattle

Last Thursday, LINK Apartments hosted a reception to celebrate its Grand Opening and for community leaders to say a few words about LINK’s positive impact on the Triangle neighborhood and greater West Seattle community. And, even though I’m not personally sold on the viability of a West Seattle commute, I figured some of you may… Read More

NW Contemporary Just Landed

I have a confession to make. I may have spent an inordinate amount of time googling “Star Wars Bunker” in an effort to find a comparable photo to this Northwest Contemporary home in Haller Lake. I failed. You can see what I’m saying though right? You could probably fit an X-wing Starfighter in its 1,100… Read More

New Construction Condo Inventory

When new construction condos went all gangbusters a couple weeks back and closed nearly half of the condo and townhouse sales that week, it seemed like a good time to do an inventory round-up to see what’s left to buy in Seattle. And when you think about remaining inventory, you can’t help but think about… Read More

Serious Soundproofing: “I Can Hear Your…”

You bought the condo of your dreams. You moved in all your favorite furniture. It’s your first night in your new bedroom and you think you must be too excited to sleep. But what really woke you up was the “clip, clop, clack” as your upstairs neighbor arrived home and navigated across the wood floors… Read More