Lofts, Flats, and Apartments for Rent

There’s been all this talk about apartment projects getting started, but those properties won’t be rent-ready for a year or two – so here’s a sampling of what’s available now. And it’s about time since the last time we did a roundup on rentals was over a year ago.

First, the bad news. One of Urbnlivn’s favorites in the Pike/Pine corridor, Agnes Lofts, is currently all leased up.

And now for what is available…

Alley 24 (South Lake Union)
Alley 24

  • Available: Studio (1); Studio w/ alcove (3); 1-bedroom townhome (1); 1-bedroom loft (1 on June 1).
  • Monthly rent: Prices range from $999/mo to $2000/mo
  • Location: 241 Yale Ave N (map)

Rollin Street Flats (South Lake Union)
Rollin Street Flats

  • Available: 1-bedroom (1 now, 2 on June 1); 1-bedroom + den (1); 2-bedroom (None)
  • Monthly rent: Prices range from $1800/mo to $3600/mo
  • Location: 120 Westlake Ave N (map)

The Broadway Building (Capitol Hill)
The Broadway Building

  • Available: Open 1-bedroom (2)
  • Monthly rent: $1400/mo, $1625/mo
  • Location: 1620 Broadway (map)

Chloe (Capitol Hill)
Chloe Apartments

  • Available: Studio (1); Open 1-bedroom (3)
  • Monthly rent: Prices range from $1300/mo to $1525/mo
  • Location: 1408 East Union (map)

Packard Building (Capitol Hill)
The Packard Building

  • Available: Studio (1); Open 1-bedroom (4); Lofts (2 now, 1 coming avail)
  • Monthly rent: Prices range from $1395/mo to $2025/mo
  • Location: 1530 12th Avenue (map)

The Marlborough (First Hill)
Marlborough Seattle

  • Available: Open 1-bedroom (1); 1-bedroom (14); 2-bedroom (3); 3-bedroom (1); Penthouse (1)
  • Monthly rent: Prices range from $1285/mo to $5140/mo
  • Location: 1220 Boren Avenue (map)

Aspira (Downtown)

  • Available: Open 1-bedroom (None); 1-bedroom (20); 2-bedroom (12); 1bd/1.5b (26); Penthouse (5)
  • Monthly rent: Prices range from $2161/mo to $5872/mo
  • Location: 1823 Terry Ave (map)

Are there other apartments you want to hear about? Let me know in comments and I’ll see what I can find out for next month. And, we’re always in search of a great loft or condo to profile – for sale or for rent – so owners and landlords should get in touch too.

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