Advertising at Bike Speed

Courtesy of the Danielle and JLS Teambuilder, there’s a new bike force touring the Ballard streets: bike billboards. On a sunny day, bike billboards doesn’t seem like a bad job to have but I have to wonder if it is like the mailman — neither snow nor rain nor…

bike ballard2 Advertising at Bike Speed bike ballard1 Advertising at Bike Speed

For more information on the Danielle condominiums, visit their website or check out my tour of the Danielle.

Note to All Sales Teams: If you need a bike billboard barreling down a mountain, Matt and his mountain bike are totally game for this. No promises that the sign will survive the trip though :).

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  • Trisha Kaye

    I think that’s a really great idea.. Maybe, I should go and try that advertising on bike speed.

  • Anonymous

    Yea thats really great idea for advertising on a bike, i love your concept.
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  • Anonymous

    Good game to to test the bike speed, i would surly like to try this game along with my friends.