Make Your Move With FROGBOX

There’s a greener moving alternative in town (and it’s not just because the boxes are green).


Along the same vein of the recent drive to drop paper coffee cups in favor of reusable cups, you can relocate your belongings in plastic, reusable boxes from FROGBOX rather than the standard cardboard. Seattle (and surrounding areas) is one of 3 regions that FROGBOX services in its recent expansion into the US from Canada.

Here’s why FROGBOX advocates their service as an option:

Every month, more than one million cardboard boxes are used and discarded by people moving in Seattle. Cardboard boxes make up 20 percent of the waste found in most landfills and the average cardboard box is used only twice for moving, whereas a FROGBOX can be used up to 400 times.

Here’s how simple it is:

Orders are placed online at, and then FROGBOX delivers the clean and sturdy containers (and other needed moving supplies) to your front door. You pack and move the boxes, and then FROGBOX picks up the containers at your new home once you’re moved and unpacked.

It’s not just the “green” mover in you that benefits (although that part of you will be happy to hear that FROGBOX donates 1% of sales to frog habitat restoration and company trucks run on biodiesel). FROGBOX saves you from the hassle of finding boxes in more traditional ways: stalking free stuff on Craigslist, soliciting boxes from friends, and the occasional dumpster drive-by. And, more importantly, renting boxes means you are motivated to unpack in a timely manner (you know what I mean, that final box finally gets put away one year later…).

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  • Is this an ad post?  Sounds like it, but it’s not marked as one.

    I used Karmaboxx for my last move and it was great.  Thought you might want to show some love to a local company (Ballard last I heard) doing the same thing if this isn’t a paid post.

    They brought the boxes up to my second story apartment (no elevator) and picked them up from my third floor condo. Friendly, timely, and a great experience.

    I’m unaffiliated with Karmaboxx in case this comes across as an ad (a little ironic given my first sentence).

  • katrina

    Urbnlivn was not paid for this post, and hopefully there’s nothing wrong with blogging positively about what I think is a good service :).

    However, I wasn’t aware that there are similar, locally-based services, so thanks for mentioning karmaboxx! Looks like their pricing is slightly slower too (for 35 boxes: $95@Karma, $109@Frog).

  • katrina

    uh, that was supposed to say lower, not slower :).

  • Thanks for the post, full disclosure, I work for FROGBOX here in Seattle (born and raised here)  I wanted to mention that we have expanded beyond our initial 3 locations including another US location (with more on the way). I’ll leave it at that! Thanks for the write up :)

  • We’ve never done a sponsored post. If we do we’ll make sure everyone knows that it is sponsored!

  • We’ve never done a sponsored post. If we do we’ll make sure everyone knows that it is sponsored!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks Matt!  I didn’t mean to come across poorly, it just seemed very promotional, but they do offer a good service so it makes sense.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks Katrina! I didn’t mean to come across rude, it just looked a little different than your typical posts.  Love the blogging, keep the posts coming!

  • AK

    You can get boxes at the liquor stores; they just leave them up front for people to grab. Maybe your neighbors think you are moving a whole truckload of liquor in, but the plus size is they usually have sorters for small items like glasses and they are strong (liquor is heavy). 

  • Guest

    “Cardboard boxes make up 20 percent of the waste found in most landfills”? Who makes this stuff up, and can I get a job writing for them?

  • phil

    Do you have a different number based on some research?

    “Organic materials, including paper, do not easily biodegrade once they are disposed of in a landfill. Paper is many times more resistant to deterioration when compacted in a landfill than when it is in open contact with the atmosphere.” (EPA)

  • Guest

    Sure. Let’s say 7.2%. Source:

    I found this source by binging “cardboard boxes landfills” and selecting the highest-rated result not directly affiliated with a FROGBOX-style service. You can too!

  • phil

    Or you could use the GAO report from 2007 (based on more recent EPA data),  not use a website that says it hasn’t been updated since 1999 and reports data from the early 90’s.

  • Guest

    Would you kindly link said report? I binged “gao report from 2007 on cardboard boxes” and found nothing that would contradict my source.

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