FOUND: Designer CFL Lightbulbs

I’ve been looking for cool lights for our loft entryway for years now. And while we haven’t settled on fixtures I heard about these wicked cool lights yesterday from @MichelleBee. The lights are made by Plumen self billed as the “The World’s First Designer Energy Saving Light Bulb”. And even better, they’re on sale for 18% off at (act fast, the sale ends in two days). I picked up four :).

Plumen FOUND: Designer CFL Lightbulbs

For fixtures we’ve been looking at:

Any other places we should be looking? Also, we need a recommendation for an electrician to come and but some outlets or junction boxes or whatever they’re called on the ceiling so we can install the fixtures.

Disclaimer: we’ll get some money if you buy something from linked above and we’ll gladly spend it on more cool stuff.

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  • Michael

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