Interesting Sales Last Week

There were 30 closed sales for condos and townhouses in Seattle last week. In new construction condos, Gallery closed on two units (#908 and #609), as did Olive 8 (#3400 and #3010).

And in resales, it is a trip down Urbnlivn memory lane because we’ve posted about three of these four condos in the past:

220308 1 1 Open Houses This Weekend
A statement-making kitchen sold for $246K – only $3k less than asking at 1110 E Harrison St #202.

211256 3 2 20 Atrium in 1980s Cap Hill Condo
At 1111 E John St #8, that 1980’s unit with a 20′ atrium sold for $347K – down from its original list price but significantly up from what it sold for in 2003 ($285K).

29155730 6 0 Huge Loft at 81 Vine
Matt says “full of awesomeness” and I say “perennially lust-worthy” about 81 Vine St #300. Regardless, the 1,847 sf loft sold for $570K ($30K below its most recent list).

1425 Western Ave #308
Well, this Hillclimb Court condo may have missed our notice in the past, but let’s stop to admire the stylish interior of 1425 Western Ave #308. Plus, at $320K it sold for nearly $100K more than its last purchase price of 2004.

Disclaimer: Olive 8 is an Urbnlivn advertiser.

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