My Old Colony Crush Continues

Just like many of you, I am won over by lustworthy lofts with their industrial elements and modern furnishings. But I blame the two years I spent in San Francisco living in an early century building for the instant crush I develop on classic interiors such as the ones you find in Old Colony on First Hill.

The 2-bedroom at Old Colony that was listed a month ago caught my eye as the perfect mix of modern furnishings in a 1909 building. However, another 2-bedroom unit was just listed, this time on the top floor and with rooftop development rights (subject to BOD approval, of course).

The top floor listing (#38) has more square footage (1,157 sf) and is offered at $350K — $25K cheaper than the listing on the second floor. However, the second floor unit likely has the better views and updated appliances in the kitchen. Either way, I’m hoping they both have an open house on the same weekend so I can check them out.

The down side for the units is neither has parking, however the location of 615 Boren Ave is only a couple of blocks from the planned streetcar line down Broadway that may start construction as early as this month (and until that’s complete it probably has access to decent bus service).

615 Boren Ave #38

615 Boren Ave #38

615 Boren Ave #38

615 Boren Ave #38

615 Boren Ave #38

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  • phil

    HOA dues are $677 a month for #38 – ouch!

  • VL

    Yes, the HOA dues are kind of high, it does not have parking, and # 38 does not even have washer/dryer hookup.  #26 is priced $25K more, but it is in better condition, have washer/dryer in unit. Toured both units on last SUN, if #26 is on the 3rd floor, the highest floor in the building, I will consider it, but the high HOA dues is definitely a deal breaker.

  • Jesse Weigert

    I love this place! HOA dues are high, but they include most of the utilities, insurance and a nice healthy reserve for future maintenance.