Contemporary Loft Townhome in Eastlake

Yesterday, The Tim at Seattle Bubble examined the curb appeal for Seattle’s townhomes and he was able to come across only a few bright moments in a sea of yuck. I have to wonder what he would say about today’s new listing in Eastlake with its self-proclaimed “MTV Cribs” appeal? My reaction is mixed.

Thumbs up: contemporary style, wood floors, exposed beam ceilings, gourmet kitchen, lofty brick wall, and A/C.

Thumbs down: Proximity to I-5, no square footage listed (which may or may not be a good sign), and I just don’t understand those faucet fixtures in the master bath.

Located at 2617 Boylston Ave E Unit A, this new construction townhome with 3 bedrooms and 2.5 baths is asking $565K.

2617 Boylston Ave E Unit A

2617 Boylston Ave E Unit A

2617 Boylston Ave E Unit A

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  • Anonymous

    Not my favorite style ever, but many times better than the nasty low-end junk that sprouted all over the city during the boom.  I definitely dig the views.  The listing description cracks me up:

    The “ROCK STAR” master suite and bath is out of “Cribs”


  • I would agree with The_Tim as to better than…but can you really say that when one costs over $200,000 more than the other? Not a fair comparison really.