Salvaged Finds in Seattle

Dang! For a while now, we’ve been wanting to write about the curious vintage finds you can score at Kirk Albert but Team Diva has totally beaten us to it. And they upped the ante by listing more places for salvaged finds for your home. I’ve never even heard of Earthwise Architectural Salvage before and now I’m definitely going to need to check it out.

Anyways, Team Diva has a quick roundup of where to go. And if you need an industrial-looking something or other for your loft then you should definitely be stalking Kirk Albert’s 1st Dibs.

Then you can get something like this Circa 1911 Time Punch Clock:
timemachine Salvaged Finds in Seattle

Or even this pair of Harley Davidson Head Light lamps:
industriallights Salvaged Finds in Seattle

I have to caution you though, these vintage finds do not come cheap :).

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  • Chavi M. Hohm

    Thanks for the Team Diva Real Estate Love. We should organize a Kirk Albert, Second Use + Vintage Store tour via Team Diva + Seattle Condo!

    Much love!

  • katrina

    Don’t tempt me! I’d have to bring someone else’s wallet on that tour :).

    The Divas should definitely stop by our Urbnlivn meetup on Oct 26 to say hi and it can give us a chance to scheme up future plans…