The Alley House 2 Prefab Has Landed

Two hours after leaving the scene and I still can’t feel my toes. That’ll teach me to show up at a “craning in” event not wearing socks on a cold November day. It took a full two hours but today Method Homes dropped their prefab components into place for Alley House 2, a LEED Platinum-targeted home being developed by Cascade Built.

Two prefab components were trucked in from where they were assembled in Method Homes’ warehouse and placed on the foundation that had been prepped at 216 26th Ave E in Madison Valley. The drop went something like this:

11:00AM — Arrival
IMG0616 M The Alley House 2 Prefab Has Landed

11:20AM — Unwrap
IMG0622 M The Alley House 2 Prefab Has Landed

11:45AM — Position module under crane and strap it in
IMG0631 M The Alley House 2 Prefab Has Landed

12:20PM — Module lifted
IMG0642 M The Alley House 2 Prefab Has Landed

12:40PM — Touch down
IMG0660 M The Alley House 2 Prefab Has Landed

12:45PM — Realize I can’t feel my toes and decide not to stick around for round two being brought in.
IMG0663 M The Alley House 2 Prefab Has Landed

(btw: in that last are the John Street Loft townhouses in the background which are being developed by BuildUrban)

Originally estimated to be complete by Oct 2011, the prefab, modular home is now expected to be move-in ready as early as Jan 2012. It is still available for pre-sale at an asking price of $599K.

Full photo set is here and you can also see more on Cascade Built’s Facebook page.

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  • sweetmd

    I’m amazed that the glass in these prefab units remains intact while they’re suspended by the crane.  Wow. 

  • katrina

    I’ll admit it, I imagined disaster when they were hooking up the crane. And once lifted, it had to be negotiated around a stand of trees. I think I heard 17,000 lbs being tossed out as how heavy the module was? Precision craning for sure.

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