Short Sale Penthouse Loft at the Klee

This two-story penthouse at the Klee caught my eye, 2717 Western Ave Ph #18. The loft is 1,071 square feet, 2 beds (though both look open), 1.75 baths. It is listed at $463,500. The only catch is that it is a short sale, though an approved one.

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  • Kevin

    Short sale?   
    Jun 25, 2004Sold (Public Records)$350,000
    Now sold for $463K… fail.  Try $330K.

  • mattgoyer

    I think Redfin has messed up the sale records a little bit and mis-attributed some sales records to the penthouse.

  • phil

    Both bedrooms are open in this unit.  One bdr is open to the hallway from the entrance (between bathroom and kitchen) and the master bdr is the loft area.  These are cool units though and worth checking out.

  • Noodles Panini

    Penthouse #18? Darlings … how *many* penthouses are there in this place? Lowers the tone, you know :)