Rent My Furnished 1-Bedroom On Capitol Hill (Please!)

I was reading the WSJ’s recent article on, Accidental Landlords, and it reminded me that my tenants were moving out today and I haven’t found a replacement. How depressing. Then I remembered that I’ve been too lazy to post it to my blog. Maybe I’ll get lucky and one of you will know of someone looking for a fully furnished one bedroom view condo on Capitol Hill? Flexible on lease terms, $1900/month (utils+Internet included).

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Matt , Urbnlivn's publisher, has a love for lofts with industrial features and new construction condos that is only eclipsed by his passion for outdoor sports and urban living. Phrases such as “polished concrete” and “exposed brick” are music to his ears. You can also find Matt on Twitter or skiing.

  • HotTubSaunaGym

    $1900?  Damnnnn.  You do know how much the deluxe Belltown condos rent for don’t you?  You’re making it cheap to buy!

  • Margaret

    OK…how do I contact you to arrange a viewing?

  • mattgoyer

    A crucial detail!

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