Rent at 19th Ave Lofts for $1,550/mo

A reader sent me a pointer to this Craigslist ad for a place at 19th Ave Lofts and they had this to say:

I’ve been in this unit. It’s immaculate and has a very cool custom metal staircase with a transparent plexiglass landing at the top.

We have to agree — that floating staircase is cool. If you are looking for a loft on the fuzzy border of Capitol Hill, this is a pretty great setup. 900 square feet, 1-bedroom, with parking for $1,550/mo.

19th ave

19th ave

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  • AJ

    Fall out of bed and into the kitchen! Sounds fun!

  • phil

    That fireplace bump-out sure takes up space.  A small corner fireplace  would have been a better choice for this unit.