Window Systems (+ other photos) at Sanctuary

Realogics sent over some additional photos of Sanctuary that I haven’t seen before — especially the ones of the new window system. I was hoping to get my hands on a price list as well (it’s not up on the site yet) but sounds like they’ll have that ready next week.



Here’s a diagram:

Also, a bit of the concrete and steel interiors:

Exposed brick in a bedroom:

And modern style of this kitchen:

Disclaimer: Realogics and Sanctuary are Urbnlivn advertisers.

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  • adie299

    They are giving out updated price lists at the open house this weekend. Also, they have almost all the units open to view…I think 10. 

  • TSCS206

    We toured them today. I can’t wait to hear your feelings about them. Lots to love and some things that could be awesome or a major nightmare (the park next door). I’m happy to chime in when you post about your tours.

  • katrina

    Glad you stopped by! I’m checking ’em out tomorrow.  

    I have friends who live on the other side of the park, overlooking it from across the street and they love it (much improved from its parking lot past). In the summer, there are often people getting their BBQ on, too.

  • Modern windows replicate the crisp, clean aesthetics and narrow sight lines of aluminum storefront systems in the warmth of natural wood.