Grungy Brick in North Capitol Hill

And when I say grungy, I mean that in the nicest possible way. The exposed brick in this North Capitol Hill condo isn’t the clean, new kind of exposed brick; instead, there’s some history in those walls and I like it!

Located at 1508 10th Ave E #304, this 1-bedroom, 1-bath condo has a healthy decent amount of square footage at 965 695 sf and is on the third floor of The Fairfax, built in 1916. Listed this week as a short sale, it is currently priced at $215K.

1508 10th Ave E #304

1508 10th Ave E #304

1508 10th Ave E #304

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  • Anonymous

    It’s 695 sqft, not 965. I was looking at the pictures thinking this looks a lot smaller than 965. At 965 it would be a great deal, at 695 it’s an okay deal. Cool place as long as you don’t mind being far north in Capitol Hill, street parking, and an older building with slightly high dues (370). The mini fireplace is cool. 

  • katrina

    Ha! Whoops…thanks for the catch :). Agreed the fireplace is fun.

    I do wonder what pet-friendly HOA means though? In my experience HOAs usually allow pets within certain limits (weight & number, possible fees). Is this one more friendly than that? Anyone know.

  • Love the fireplace too. Does that price include the furniture? I agree 965 would be a good deal. 695 is basically 3 rooms 15×15

  • Love the natural brick look although it should be sealed. They did a good job maximizing the space in such a small apartment.