Meridian Penthouse

Looking for the ultimate in downtown living? A penthouse at the Meridian hit the market last week, 1420 Terry Av Ct #2701. Killer views, 2,657 square feet, 4 fireplaces, 4 parking spots, 4 storage lockers… Location straddles Capitol Hill and downtown.

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  • charter pacific

    That is nice design well professional design. I love it.

  • Orcas

    Apparently the Meridian gained in value during the real estate crash? LOL

    $1000 a sq ft for this penthouse is insane. Apart from trying to nearly double the 2004 sale price, anyone who has been here knows this building is fairly blah and the amenities don’t measure up to the newer condos in Seattle. It was always a mid tier development, and yet they’re asking 1521 prices!

  • Edward

    Those are by far the ugliest furniture that I have ever seen. Money simply can’t buy good taste. Oh, wait, they put their money on the condo and absolutely nothing was left for furniture.