Exposed Brick Loft at Our Home Hotel

Finally, a true loft! 75 S Main St #201, in the heart of Pioneer Square, is back on the market after a long break. Basically $349k for a 717 square foot studio with lots of exposed brick. Though I think it is a little over priced at $349k… But maybe you’re willing to gamble prices will raise once the viaduct is gone.

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  • cameronrex

    Cool space, but too expensive…view is not towards viaduct, it appears to be the opposite side.

  • phil

    It’s a corner unit, even the bathroom gets a window.  Looks like the NE corner.  Comes with a garage parking space and building has an elevator.  Would like to see one of the top (3rd) floor units, they seem to have their own rooftop patios.  Like cameronrex said:   The price is  too high.

  • Cavite Housing

    really nice house by the use of bricks…