Six Bank-Owned Townhouses in Queen Anne

In Queen Anne a six unit townhouse project that went back to the bank has been finished and put on the market. Prices are around $400k when previously they were listed at $599k back in 2010! Looks like one of the better features of these places are the roof top decks. Comments from a Redfin agent who toured them:

All 6 of these townhouses are available. They all have very different layouts, and they have noticeable pluses and minuses. Each unit has relatively small bedrooms in comparison the average townhouse. The quality of finishes appears to be a bit below average. Stunning views from all the balconies, especially the front units on the street. The street units and all units are not entirely finished. Garage access to all the homes seems a bit tricky. The front units are flooded with natural light, but the back units are a bit confined and boxed in. The middle units lack privacy and look directly into each other

The Unit A at 920 2nd Ave W is listed at $399k for 1,204 square feet, 2 beds, 1.5 baths.

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  • phil

    You’re going to need that garage if you have a car, street parking is at a premium in this neighborhood.   Great neighborhood though, it’s a few blocks from me.  A condo or apartment building would have been a better fit for this lot.

  • phil

    That was quick, they’ve all gone Pending.  I think all the credit should go to urbnlivn for this post.