We’re looking for an electrician to install some overhead lights in our condo. Anyone have some recommendations??

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  • Ajrober

    Scott Moore 206-276-6427, scottnoelmoore@hotmail:disqus.com  
    He’s licensed and all that good stuff.  He did quite a lot of work on multiple occasions for us.  Everything was completed as quoted, on time, and perfect.

  • Ajrober

    correction, Scott Moore’s email is scottnoelmoore@hotmail.com

  • Jim Patterson


    Scott Moore is an outstanding Electrician.  He can do everything from complete re-wiring of a home or condo, to complex fixture installations.

    Scott Moore – 206.276.6427

  • Salamander

    Simon Oros.  He put switch in chicken.   Er, kitchen.  425-246-6001

  • http://www.tyrebaydirect.com/1007-Garage_Equipment.html garage equipment

    The electrician have a big part in a construction. They are assigned to install all of the electrical wiring and connection.

  • Irishbob49

    IrishBob Says, there is no one like All At Ease Electric, they have been contracting since 1979, licenced, and a perfect record with the BBB, the State licence board, and was trained threw the Union IBEW also. They do just local jobs in Orange County, but do go as far as River Side.  Call them, 714 602 0747.  Your job will be done with all the skills of the Best Of The Best!  

  • http://www.handylocals.com.au/listing/guide/electrician Electrician Belmont

    You could visit http://www.handylocals.com.au this is a Business Directory that you can find a reliable electrician. 

  • alice debraxx

    Scott Moore is an outstanding Electrician.  He can do everything from complete re-wiring of a home or condo, to complex fixture installations. longlove

  • Amnakhan1245

     Although electricity is used in every aspect of our lives, it is very dangerous for you to mess with if you haven’t been formally trained and educated. Whenever you have electrical problems, hire an electrician right away http://www.roslynlimo.com/ are the best in this field.