Escala Price Increases

Pretty modest price increases but interesting to note that Escala has recently bumped up the prices on two units. They must be feeling bullish with 16 pending units. (Anyone know how many they have left to sell?)

#1508: $10k increase to $729,000.

#603: $15k increase to $429,000.

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  • Acarolmcdaniel

    Are there any warranties available on the remaining units?

  • Joseph Rajewski

    Yes, each unit has a 1 year warranty.  Though I believe appliance warranties are separate.  The common building structure has a 4 year warranty starting in 2009 sometime.

  • Joseph Rajewski

    I live in the building and just checked the sales board.  It looks like maybe up to 64% are sold or under agreement.  So figure < 100 units are still available.

  • Thanks for checking :).

  • Anna

    Hi, we toured both the 2b and 1b unit last week and really liked the amenities and the location. But, we are concerned about the HOA dues. Since you live in the building, can you shed some light on how the HOA is managed and whether the due is expected to increase? Also, what is the plan for the club/restaurant? Thanks!