Queen Anne Marvel with Man Cave

Loyal reader Phil gave us a heads up about 105 W Highland Dr #700 in Queen Anne that just hit the market for $2.2m. That’ll buy the whole floor, all 2,140 square feet, of a 5 unit building. Plus it comes with a “man cave”, aka garage.

For those looking to pay nearly double in terms of dollars per square foot you might want to check out 111 W Highland Dr Unit 6W just down the street. $5m for ~2,600 square feet. Been on the market for years.

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  • DBC

    Matt, I love the blog and have been a loyal reader for years. I am wondering if you know of any “house” focused blogs in Seattle where I could also lurk? While I love the content, condos aren’t really something I am in the market for.

  • http://twitter.com/mattgoyer mattgoyer

    I think Seattle Curbed is your only other option!

  • mark89521

    Under contract.