Escala Raises Prices

The Sanctuary isn’t the only one raising prices. Looks like Escala raised prices ahead of this weekend on many units by about $10k.

#512: $429k -> $439k

#506: $419k -> $429k

#609: $409k -> $419k

#812: $459k -> $469k

#1802: $929k -> $934k

#1908: $779k -> $789k

Anyone know how many units are left?

In other price increases news we noticed unit 611 at The Parc went from $395k to $683k. Typo?

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  • Carbzilla

    I’m really baffled by this logic. You can’t sell units so you raise the price? Is this supposed to create a perceived value? A panic buy? I’m not falling for it. 

    I visited Escala again this week – looks like they have 13 Plan A’s left, and 9 B’s left. The NE A’s are great – you just have to choose which level view you’d like of the historic building across the street (it’s really very pretty) and get shades to block out the hideous Warwick. 

  • Utah Replacement Windows

    Well maybe the higher price would make the units look more high-end?

  • Sandeep Paruchuri

    As someone who nearly bought in Escala a few months ago, the pickings have gotten slimmer. The problem they had before was not that the 1br’s were too expensive, but that you could look at the list of prior sales or at the current listings and negotiate a lot of leeway.

    Now that there are only a handful of 1br’s left, they have some pricing power for people who are dead-set on living at Escala, but only have these few units left.

    The 2br’s are most of the unoccupied units right now, and those don’t seem to have budged in price.