Update: New Construction Inventory

It has been way too long since we last checked in on new construction condo inventory!

Art Stable
7 Total Units, 6 Closed, 1 Available

The Danielle — 83% Sold
31 Total Units, 26 Closed
Notes: no longer selling. 5 units are to be rented

The Decatur — 91% Sold
146 Total Units, 133 Closed (4 this year), 7 Pending, 6 Available

Eleven Eleven East Pike — 93% Sold
27 Total Units, 24 Closed, 1 Pending, 1 Available, 1 lease option

Escala — 68% Sold
265 Total Units, 180 Closed (51 this year), 85 Available
Notes: they expect to have 90% of the building sold by the end of the year

Fifteen Twenty-One Second Avenue — 90% Sold
143 Total Units, 126 Closed (10 this year), 2 Pending, 15 Available
Notes: 4 resales this year that totaled more than $7.6m. Resales have realized a tidy profit of an average of 10% above their original purchase price.

Four Seasons Private Residences — 69% Sold
36 Total Units, 25 Closed, 0 Pending, 11 Available
Notes: one unit is under negotiation

Hjarta — 67% Sold
79 Total Units, 53 Closed, 1 Pending, 25 Available – Waiting on an update from Oct #’s

Harvard and Highland — 97% Sold
38 Total Units, 35 Closed, 2 Pending, 1 Available

Marselle — 73% Sold
132 Total Units, 96 Closed, 4 Pending, 32 Available – Waiting on an update from Oct #’s

Olive 8 — 77% Sold
229 Total Units, 156 Closed, 21 pending, 42 Available
Notes: 20 new purchases since March 1st incl. all penthouses – enitre 38th floor taken off the market

Pontedera – 32% Sold
94 Total Units, 24 Closed, 6 Pendings, 64 Available
Notes: In 2012 there have been 9 sales as of May 3, 2012. Three of which have closed the remaining six are pending. The totals above don’t include the 8 live/work of which 4 are sold.

The Sanctuary — 67% Sold
12 Total Units, 4 Closed, 4 Pending, 4 Available
Notes: 2/3 of units have been purchased since debutting on Jan. 28

Things you should know:

  • The numbers only include inventory of new sales in these buildings, some may very well have resales on the market that aren’t reflected.
  • When I didn’t get a pending number I calculated closed sales as Total-Available
  • % Sold = Closed/Total


  1. Posted updated to reflect two units that went pending at Harvard & Highland yesterday.
  2. Added Art Stable
  3. Updated Olive 8, Harvard and Highland, 1521 and Eleven Eleven East Pike with updated numbers
  4. Added The Sanctuary

Disclaimer: Some of the above are Urbnlivn advertisers.

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  • Jae

    Wrong Stats on Danielle. 26 sold and closed. 83%. seller keeping 5 probably renting.  Thanks

  • http://twitter.com/mattgoyer mattgoyer

    Thanks for the correction!

  • Xyz

    How can those 1521 numbers be accurate? Look at the Seattle Bubble post – several people have taken million dollar haircuts at 1521 when they tried to sell?

  • JfMax

    Any news on Viktoria?

  • http://twitter.com/mattgoyer mattgoyer

    Sorry, I’m not familiar with that project. Whereabouts is it?