The Sanctuary Raises Prices 5%

As promised, The Sanctuary, has raised prices on their remaining four homes, FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Just Four Homes Remaing at The Sanctuary – RTC Raises Prices (May 1 2012):

Resource Transition Consultants (“RTC”), the court?appointed receiver for the lender syndicate of The
Sanctuary, a residential conversion of the former First Church of Christ, Scientist on Capitol Hill, confirmed eight of the twelve homes have recently sold and asking prices on several remaining homes have been increased effective May 1, 2012.

“While our asking prices respond to supply and demand we’ve also added value to the final four homes,” said Rob Nall, the seller of the 12?unit town home development. “I’m confident that prospective homebuyers will continue to view this property as a unique opportunity to own one Seattle’s most irreplaceable addresses.”

Available units:

  • #1 is now priced at $1,049,950 and features preferred two car parking, a private storage locker and a private elevator
  • #2 remains priced at $999,950 but now includes the model home furnishings with artwork available for and additional price
  • #7 is now priced at $819,950 and now includes the exterior landscaping and patio furniture ? additional interior furnishings available for an additional price
  • #12 is now priced at $879,950 and includes the exterior landscaping and patio furniture ? additional interior furnishings available for an additional price
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  • Kevin

    #1 has a dreadful view for a million dollar place.

  • North Tahoe Real Estate


    Here we go..not sure if I should feel bad about’s still in the luxury price range which is obviously still fickle..but I think the healthy demand and timid supply in this market has forced them to raise prices…

    Is it going to last, or go back to last year’s level? That’s the question we have to wait for…


  • Guest

    Boy, I wish I had purchased sooner! This 5% price hike is tough, but fair.